Solvent Free Epoxy Coating

MACO Hydropic -176

  • Combination secret recipe of mixing of several
    polymers without involvement of solvents. Enable of
    coating/painting on wet surface/environment.

  • 100% solvent free epoxy coating material for
    CORROSION PROTECTION. The product can be
    applied and cured underwater.

Anti-Fungus & Anti-Fouling

MACO Hydropic-178

  • Enable metal surface exposed to high humidity
    environment / water to be FUNGUS free lasted
    for more than 5 years.

  • 100% solvent free epoxy coating for MARINE
    GROWTH retardation. The product can be
    applied and cured underwater
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Chemical Resistance

MACO Hydropic-180

  • Good resistance towards KOH 30-50%, NaOH 50%, HNO3 50-70% and HCl 20-40%.

  • 100% solvent free epoxy coating for CHEMICAL RESISTANCE. The product can be
    applied and cured underwater

Heavy Duty Flooring

MACO Hydropic-174CS

  • Epoxy resin pointing have high strength suitable for medium to heavy traffic loads. Suitable for use in heavy-duty environments requiring excellent physical and chemical resistance.

  • 100% solvent free epoxy coating for HEAVY DUTY FLOORING.



Hydrophobic High Temperature Coating

*** product under R&D

  • Aerogel based powder blend with hydrophobic
    polymers created good insulator up to 1000C. Also
    known as THERMAL INSULATION coating

Anti-Corrosion Dry Polymer Coating

*** product under R&D

  • Anti-CORROSION BARRIER coating that utilizes
    thermoplastic encapsulation system. The materials
    contain corrosion inhibitor embedded in the material that
    saturates the substrate for corrosion

Glow in The Dark Coating

MACO Poly-Glo
*** product under R&D

  • MACO Glo has the advantage that it can absorb energy in the presence of a light source and emit the absorbed energy in the form of visible light in the absence of external light.

Non-Stick Coat

MACO Non-Stick
*** product under R&D

  • formulation epoxy based coating that creates a non-stick surface that repels illegal sticker.

  • Ideal for electrical feeder pillar, street lighting lamp post (galvanised/decorative), bus stop, signboard and concrete structures.

  • The coating can be applied on dry or wet surfaces. Example: the bottom of a ship can be coated directly underwater without the need for it to be docked up or dry.
  • It comes in 2 Basic Colour (Black/White). More to come.
  • Have Anti-Corrosion (Hydropic-176) - Prevent rust
  • Anti- Fouling (Hydropic-178) - Prevent barnacles
  • Chemical Resistance (Hydropic-180)- Protect against acids, alkalis, solvents, cautics fluids, fuels,fatty acids, salt or sugar solutions amd more.
  • Heavy Duty Flooring (Hydropic-174CS) - Protect againts concrete suitable for medium to heavy traffic loads.