About the Company

Previously known as DAHAN TECH, a leading scientific chemical company focusing on development of solvent free MARITIME Coating material as an Emerging Technologies for commercialization.


The company has been established since 26 September 2017 and with our visionary founder, the team is striving for excellence in the maritime industry backed by the likes of MIDF, CRADLE and MPRC.

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To be a leader in development of solvent free coating material for Underwater Coating of Emerging Technologies.


We are committed to provides the best know-how consultations and R&D in the area of solvent free epoxy coating in wet environment towards commercialization.

We are ready to accelerate


Guided by our values, we are ready to make bold decisions as we move forward on our path to leadership. Our journey is both a marathon and a sprint and we will accelerate progress on many fronts. Our goals are the bedrock on which we will continue to build and evolve, pushing our own performance standards forward at pace. Our framework reflects our ambition to shape the future.

We will focus our efforts and commitments where we can have the biggest impact: 

  • Performance
  • Products
  • People
  • Partners